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Al Najjah Enterprise

“Professional Partner in Educational System For Automotive & Electronic Technology”

ALNAJJAH ENTERPRISE is a full-owned company of Bumiputera who has 14 years of expertise with the main activities of the company is the provider of Customized Automotive & Electronic Education Trainer and Simulator. Alnajjah also provide training, maintenance and repair, research and development, as well as consultancy related to electronic & automotive technology in vocational education, university and also industry.

Alnajjah Enterprise Services

  • Specialist of Customized Automotive & Electronic Education Trainer and Simulator

  • Provide the Latest Automotive Electronic Technology Training

  • Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Research and Development

  • Consultant of Automotive & Electronic Lab for Education

Our Services


Al Najjah Enterprise organizes a training program in the field of Automotive Technology.

Automotive Technology now growing rapidly, it can be seen from circulation of vehicle products that offers a vehicle with some features of advanced modern technology/promising improvement of some aspects of the system that is used, coverage work performance, comfort, safety and environmental impact.

The Purpose of Autotronic Technical Expertise is to teach students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes.


    • Diagnostic Scanning
    • Autotronic Program
    • ECU Flashing
    • Electrical Wiring
    • Engine Overhaul
    • Workshop Management
    • Etc


    Al-Najjah Enterprise contributes to productivity, economic growth and societal wellness. It can be the recombination, fusion or integration of technologies that lead to new products, processes or services or the refinement of existing technologies with improved value enhanced efficiency or cost reduction. The final result of innovation is new products, processes or systems by which value can be created for customers, businesses and society. Realising the importance of innovation for wealth creation and social well-being, Al-Najjah Enterprise initiated the Al-Najjah Innovation Fund.

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