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Standard/Customised Automotive & Electronic Equipment

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Al Najjah Enterprise

“Professional Partner in Educational System For Automotive & Electronic Technology”

ALNAJJAH ENTERPRISE is a full-owned company of Bumiputera who has 14 years of expertise with the main activities of the company is the provider of Customized Automotive & Electronic Education Trainer and Simulator. Alnajjah also provide training, maintenance and repair, research and development, as well as consultancy related to electronic & automotive technology in vocational education, university and also industry.

Alnajjah Enterprise Services

  • Specialist of Customized Automotive & Electronic Education Trainer and Simulator

  • Provide the Latest Automotive Electronic Technology Training

  • Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Research and Development

  • Consultant of Automotive & Electronic Lab for Education

Automotive Products

Electronic Products

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