Automotive Hybrid Power System Training Set

Automotive Hybrid Power System Training Set

Equipment Overview

• Equipped with universal self-locking truckles, the trainer is moveable and easy for exible teaching.
• The sur face of frame is dealt with plastic spraying to ensure color fastness, corrosion protection and ageing resistance.
• The complete frame is rigid structure welded with shock absorption component, all the materials used for it are stable and reliable, conforming to international standards.
• The control panel is made of pure aluminum-plastic material, painted with colorized electronic control system principle diagram that is the same as the original car control system.


• Engine assembly and engine control unit
• Transmission
• M1/M2 motor
• HV storage battery
• Instrument assembly
• Coolant temperature sensor
• Intake air temperature sensor
• Throttle control assembly
• Oxygen sensor
• Ignition lock
• Complete set heat dissipation mechanism
• Petrol tank and petrol pump assembly
• Storage battery
• Digital voltmeter(5pcs)
• Vacuum manometer
• Fuel pressure gage
• Colorized schematic circuit diagram panel
• Circumscribed detection terminal
• Fault setting box assembly
• Movable rack
• Operation instruction
• Experiment guidebook


Dimensions : 2000mm~1120mm~2100mm
Operation environment Temperature : -5‹C~40‹C, Humidity: .80%
Engine type : Toyota Prius (1NZ-FXE)
Displacement : 1.5L (77 horsepower L4)
Hybrid power motor : maximum power 50KW/1200-1540rpm,
maximum torque : 40Nm/0~1200r
Storage battery : 201.6V
Motor voltage : 500V
Transmission : M1, M2 generator
Engine oil grade : API standard SG class
Storage battery maintenance : free battery