Automotive Electrical Training

Description :

The training workstation is a using 4 mm safety socket for connectino and wirina auto electrical trainer manufactured using real industry components. Enables students to wiring different components using the circuit diagrams provided. Based on a generic auto electrical system, complete with lighting, brakes and indicators.

Technical Specifications :

  • Supply must include Headlights, Side lights (front & rear), Indicators, Brake lights, Control dash panel, Relays and Battery isolator as well as ignition keyswitch module.
  • Storage draw to house assorted connectors, wire crimp tool, wire stripper’s, cable-ties, spare bulbs and relays.
  • Electrical module can mounted in a vertical bench frame workstation equip with lockable castor wheels.
  • Aluminum profile and 25 mm wood base tabletop.
  • Operating voltage: 12 V DC
  • Workstation dimension: 1260 (L) x 700 (Yv) x 1800 (H) mm approx.
  • Test and measurement tools set includes multimeter, set of test cables and oscilloscope unit.