Electrical Motor Installation Panel Board

This wiring board is floor standing unit specially designs for student to do a wiring on Motor Starter. The unit constructed with heavy steel thickness 3mm and finish with baked epoxy powder. Unit consists of two sections, namely the upper and lower sections. Both sections cover with wing door with lock and door stopper. On the inside of the upper section is fitted with a perforated metal panel for quick and easy assembly of motor control components. On the lower section are three level storage compartments for storing items such as motor control components, cables, hand tools, etc. The panel supplied without any wiring. There is a hole on right side of the panel for cable out from the starter for connection to the motor.

Wiring exercise based on standard components as follows:
1. Direct On Line Starter (single and three phase)
2. Forward Reverse Starter
3. Star Delta Starter
4. Forward Reverse Star Delta Starter
5. Auto Transformer Starter
6. Rotor Resistance Starter
7.Overall dimension (W x D x H): 800 x 500 x 1750 mm (approx.)


Components/Accessories mounted on the inside panel are as follows:
a) 3 x Contactor 3 Pole 415V 5.5kW, coil 240VAC, contact: 1 NO 1NC
b) 2 x Contactor 3 Pole 415V 11 W coil240VAC, contact: ENO 2NC
c) 1 x Thermal Overload Relay 4 – 6A
d) 1 x Thermal Overload Relay 6 – 10A
e) 1 x Timer 1 delay relay 0 – 10sec, withbase
f) 1 x Timer 1 delay relay 0- 10sec, 1 normal relay with base
g) 1 x Timer 2 delay relay 0 – 10sec, withbase
h) 1 x Timer multi range, with base
i) 1 x Auto Transformer 10 HP (7.51KW), 2 step (70%), 415V 50Hz.
j) 1x Rotor Resistance 5 HP, F.L.S.T 1 50%, Step 2, star point 1
k) 1 x Soft Starter 3 phase, 415V 50Hz
l) 3 x MCB 1P 6A 500V
m) 5 x Terminal Block 30A 500V
n) 12 x Terminal Block 20A 500V
o) 10 x Terminal Block 10A 500V
p) Set if DIN rail (mounted M the suitable place to mount e.g. MCB, terminal block, etc.)
q) Set of PVC cable casing

Components/Accessories mounted on the upper door panel are as follows:

a) 1 x MCCB 30A 3P 25kA
b) 1 x Voltmeter 0 – 500V AC/DC with voltmeter selector switch
c) 1 x Ammeter 0 – 20/40A AC/DC with ammeter selector switch.
d) 1 x Phase Indicating Lights (Red, Yellow, Blue)
e) 4 x Start Push Button
f) 3 x Stop Push Button Red
g) 4 x Pilot Light Green
h) 3 x Pilot Light Red
i) 1 x Emergency Push Button
j) 2 x Door Latch with key

Components/Accessories mounted at left side (outside) of the panel as follows:
a) 1 x CEE Socket Male 32A 5 pole C/W Plug
b) Incoming supply industrial plug and socket (3P. N-E) 32A to trainer panel board

Rubber Mat (W x D x Thickness): 1000mm x 1000mm x 6mm (approx)

To supply three (3) sets comprising of 1 set of original, two (2) sets of duplicate hardcopy and one (1) set of softcopy of the following:
a) Model and Brand Brochure
b) Instruction and Operation Manual
c) Maintenance and Service Manual
d) Experiment Manual
e) Test Report/Certificate of Equipment accuracy (to specify)
f) International standard regarding the equipment supplied
g) Standard operating procedure to be attached to equipment (laminated)

Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change
without prior notices.