Stepper Motor Training Kit

Features : 
– Industrial stepper motor controller and driver
– Speed and position control
– Position detection encoder
– Training on basic skills, profesional skills, and post skill, are completed through project contetnt drafting, project analysis, project implementation, project summary and ability assessment.
– Adopting computer simulation, this stepper motor trainer solves the problem of training theory and experiment deviating from practical application through operation, simulation and emulation.

Experiment Content :

– Stepper motor principle
– Shaft drive control
– Controller and driver wiring
– Sequential control

Specifications :

– Control panel: start/stop, selector, power indicator
– Industrial grade platform and enclosure
– Safety casing for AC motor
– Single phase motor
– Inverter/VFD (variable drive frequency)
– Soft starter (phase)
– 240AC motor with rotating disk