03 auto

Automotive Electrical System Training

General Description :
The Original components should be mounted on clear Plexiglas panels that allow high visibility of all parts and wiring. Panels are fixed vertically to a frame which is mounted on a high visibility heavy-duty cabinet that contains three storage drawers. Panels feature wiring guides and icons which have been silk-screened onto the panels. The wires of each component are brought to 4mm wiring terminals mounted on the panel.

Technical Specification :
 12 Volt. DC transformer
 One set of Dash board Panel
 instrumentation panel
 One set of 12 volt Rear Lighting panel
 One set of 12 volt Front lighting panel
 One set of Conventional ignition panel
 electronic ignition panel
 diesel ign ition panel
 accessories panel
 radio panel
 tra iler panel
 altlgen test system
 alternator (a/c)
 generator (d/c)
 starter motor
 theft ala rm panel
 central lock panel
 power window panel
 four level mobile fl oor stand
 three leve l mobile floor stand
 two level bench top stand
 12 volt de power supply
 frame with rail (input 110/220 vo lt, 50/60 hz)
 ignition timing light
 automotive electrical tester
 storage cabinet for modules
 electrical leads sets with 4mm plug