Basic Hydraulic Test Bench Training Equipment

Product description

This system adopts transparent hydraulic components, profiles aluminum alloy structure, active oil joint and general electric circuit line. With the use of attached tool, materials and the experimental instruction, it is convenient to control and do most experiments in hydraulic transmission and it can let the students understand the principles, structure and working process of oil circuit and hydraulic components internal structrue. It is an essential instrument for hydraulic transmission teaching.

Main technical parameters:

Dimensions: 1500mm(L)*700mm(W)*1700mm(H)

Electrical control components:Contains:

powersupply unit, circuit protection unit, the experimental station protection unit,

relay control unit, motion valve (normally open, normally closed) and so on.

Input voltage: AC220V, 50HZOutputvoltage: DC24V, AC24V

Configurations :

It contains components below :

  1. The relay control unit instructions
  2. The oil pump motor and adjusting circuit
  3. Double-acting cylinder
  4. Spring return oil cylinder
  5. Pressurized cylinder
  6. One-way valve
  7. Hydraulic controlled one-way valve
  8. Overflow valve
  9. Throttle valve
  10. Speed regulation valve
  11. Sequence valve
  12. Reducing valve
  13. Two position two-way electromagnetic reversing valve
  14. Two position four-way electromagnetic reversing valve
  15. Three position four-way electromagnetic reversing valve
  16. Two position four-way reversing valve
  17. Three position five-way manual reversing valve
  18. Pressure relay
  19. Manometer, Tee

Basic circuit experiment

  1. The reversing loop by using reversing valve
  2. The locking loop by using “O” functional reversing valve
  3. The locking loop by using hydraulic controlled one-way valve
  4. Pressure setting loop
  5. Two stage pressure loop
  6. Reducing loop by using reducing valve
  7. Boost loop by using pressure cylinder
  8. Unloading loop by using reversing valve
  9. The oil inlet throttling speed regulating loop
  10. The oil return throttling speed regulating loop
  11. The variable pump speed regulating loop
  12. Compound speed regulating loop with gear pump and speed regulating valve
  13. Speed transition circuit with short connected flow valve
  14. Two times feed loop with speed regulating valve in series and inparallel
  15. Sequent circuit by using sequence valve
  16. Sequent circuit by using pressure relay
  17. Sequent circuit by using electrical switch
  18. Sequent circuit by using motion valve