Conveyor Trainer

Product Detail :

  1. standardized modular design, the main training bench is made of aluminum alloy, with light weight, small in size, easy to use
  2. all power of components and signals are based on safety socket on board with insulating sheath
  3. technology coverage:progammable logic controller, sensor pneumatic, components, flat belt, motor, etc.

Experiments :

  • pneumatic technology application in production line
  • sensor technology application
  • belt conveyor mechanism installation and debugging
  • DC motor training
  • progamable logic controller commands training
  • complete trainer installation and debugging

Technical Parameters :

  • power supply AC230V 10% 50Hz
  • temperature -10-50 degree
  • ambient humidity L 90%
  • dimmensions : 600mm x 450mm x 260mm
  • overall power comnsumption : 0.3 kVA