Portable Pneumatic Trainer

Product Descriptions :

This training kit is mainly composed of aluminum alloy casing, all kinds of small standard industrial pneumatic components, electrical control part, its composition and structure is compact, lightweight and practical. Students can independently design and connect  pneumatic circuit and electric control circuit, and can do most basic pneumatic experiments. It is suitable for vocational colleges and universities for basic pneumatic transmission technology practice teaching.

Main technical parameters:

  • Power supply: AC 220 V + 5%, 50 Hz
  • Control voltage: DC24V
  • Working temperature: – 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height) : 550 mm * 350 mm * 260 mm

Basic experiments:

  1. Single-acting cylinder commutation loop
  2. Double-acting cylinder commutation loop
  3. Single-acting cylinder speed control loop
  4. Double-acting cylinder one-way speed control loop
  5. Two-way double-acting cylinder speed control loop
  6. Speed convert loop
  7. Buffer loop
  8. Secondary pressure control loop
  9. Single cylinder continuous reciprocating motion loop
  10. Unloading loop
  11. Quick exhaust valve application circuits