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Automotive Electrical Wiring Trainer

Automobile electrical system has gradually evolved over the years and today it assimilates automatic computer control of the automotive mechanics. In the early days, automobiles electrical system comprised of only basic wiring technologies that were used for distributing power to other parts of a vehicle. It had only switches, wires, relays and controlled motors as its key components but today’s electrical system includes sensors, actuators, alternators, battery, oxygen sensors,  generator, starter solenoid, starter drive, high power electrical system and other devices.
• As an on / off car
• As a side mirror control system
• As used for on / off car lighting systems
• As a distribution generator.
• As battery charger


  • The Trainer Board should be provided practice – oriented instruction using original vehicle components mounted on Acrylic elimeled with melamine.
  • For assembling the exercises, the boxes are mounted on a perforated vertical frame.
  • The exercise assembly should be fast and straight forward.
  • Electrical connections should be completed with 4 mm. Plugs and all termination should be color – coded according to DIN standards.
  • The structure of the topics covered should enable step – by – step instruction towards definite aims.
  • Typical results to the exercise should be an integral part of all the exercises and ease the task of student assessment.
    a. Interior lamp.
    b. Rear Lighting.
    c. Headlamps.
    d. Fog lamp.
    e. Parking lights system.
    f. Horn system.
    g. Flasher indicator system.
    h. Hazard warning light system.
    i. Signaling meter (lubrication. engine temperature; brake fluid level, fuel level)
    j. Washing system
    k. Electric control side mirror.
    l. Ignition system.
    m. Alternator system.
    n. Safety and alarm operating system.
    o. Driving operating electrical system.
    p. Comfortable automotive electrical system.
  • Power supply: input 220Vac 50 Hz. Output 12Vdc 15 A. 1 set. Battery 12 V (N 120) 1 set.
  • Complete training operation for lecturer.