Diesel Engine Commonrail Trainer


Diesel Engine Commonrail Trainer is used to make the training as practical as possible, with the Diesel Common Rail engine specifically modified for educational purposes. Thus, all of the major components installed can be accessed to enable diagnosis, inspection, measurement and component testing.

➢ 4×4 pipe framework
➢ 4″ nylon wheels (2 moves, 2 locks)
➢ Engine: 4-cylinder 16 valve DOHC Turbocharger, 2500cc
➢ Unit charging system (Alternator with Regulator)
➢ Sensor
➢ Water pump
➢ Recervoir Tank
➢ Key Contacts
➢ Injection Units System
➢ Exhaust
➢ Oil Tank
➢ Actuators
➢ Cooling Unit System
➢ Radiator Hoses
➢ CHG indicator
➢ Heat Indicator Light
➢ Cold Indicator Light etc.
➢ Starter System Units
➢ Accu NS 70 and other devices
➢ Filling System Unit, etc.