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Power Steering and Suspension System Trainer

  • This produces for rack and pinion types of power steering trainers that are used to demonstrate the principles and operation of typical power assisted steering systems as found on many vehicles today.
  • The type is a smaller unit which has only the functional operational parts of the power steering system itself. It is capable of demonstrating how such systems work.
  • The second and larger unit is a complete power steering system mounted onto an original front end steering and suspension unit which it operates.
  • In both trainers an electrical motor drives the hydraulic pump with belt drive.
  • An ampere meter provides an indication of the load or power and in-line hydraulic pressure gauge monitors the pressure of the hydraulic fluid circuit.
  • A resistance mechanism provides realistic operation and gives a load to the hydraulic circuit.
  • The steel frame for the trainer is painted with a heavy duty epoxy paint that is resistant to petrol, diesel fuel and brake fluid.
  • Come with McPherson strut type suspension.


  • Equipped with universal self-locking truckles, the trainer is moveable and easy for exible teaching.
  • The complete frame is rigid structure welded with shock absorption component, all the materials used for it are stable and reliable.


Dimensions Approx. 1200mm x 1600mm x 1200mm
Operation environment Temperature -5°C – 40°C, Humidity ≤80%
Working voltage 240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 1.5KW