SRS Airbag Trainer Board


The Training kit is designed for educational purpose only. For demonstratlon of airbag in car. The operation of the airbags used simulation to show clearly. SRS Airbag trainer is a passenger safety system installed in the vehicle during a crash . SRS will create an air pockets, which serves to minimize the serious injury in a collision. This system is the development of passenger safety belt system that has been applied in advance.

ASQ-SRSAB284 SRS AIRBAG TRAINER BOARD can be used to learn
• components name and function of the safety system in Automotive Engineering.
• how to work and troubleshooting on SRS Air-Bag system

• Power Source: Voltage 220 VAC 1 Ph 50-60 Hz
• Table: Multiplex coated
• Compressor: 0.5 HP 1 Phase 220V
• Power Supply System: Input 220V, Output 12V. Switching
• Dimensions: approx. 120 x 60 x 151 cm
• Color: Grey, Yellow and combinations

Part of equipment :
• Passenger Air-Bag Squip
• Passenger Air-Bag
• Crash Sensor
• Simulator Switch
• Crash Sim Swich
• Key Contacts
• Passenger Safety-belt
• DLC Connector
• ECU SRS Air-Bag
• Panel Instrument
• Steering wheel
• Driver Air-Bag
• Driver Air-Bag Squip
• Spiral cable
• Driver Safety-belt