Can Bus System Teaching Board

CAN BUS SYSTEM TEACHING BOARD is a teaching system displaying components and data transmission network to demonstrate the structure and operation of the system. The trainer applies to theoretical teaching and maintenance training of the CAN data transmission network system. This trainer contains related parts of the car engine piping systems and comfort systems.

• Structure and composition: includes engine control system, anti-theft system comfort system control unit, door latch, window regulator, electric mirrors CAN wiring hardness
• The trainer working principle of the comfort CAN Bus system and the running of external diagnostic terminal can be display through the original vehicle combination meter and LED

• All the components are connected to the internal network. The Network is shown as a diagram for better understanding and equip with 4 mm safety sockets for specific exercises and troubleshooting the multiple faults setting
• The trainer come with diagnostic connectors allowing students to test the entire comfort system, CAN data transmission network
• Computer detection terminal provided to detects the voltage signal of the respective terminals which make it easy to analyze the fault
• The trainer equip with lockable castor wheels
• Power supply requirement: 220-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
• Operating voltage: 12 VDC


• Intel Core i5
• Memory 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM
• Mass storage 1TB SATA, 7200rpm
• DVD-RW Drive with preinstalled DVD software
• Monitor – minimum 19″ LED
• USB Type Keyboard
• USB Type Mouse
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10