CNC Q210 machines work more efficiently with high accuracy and more stable movements. Your cutting metal work will be faster and more precise with a robotic CNC plasma cutting machine.




Travels X axis [ mm (inch) ] 1300 (51.18)
Y axis [ mm (inch) ] 2500 (98.42)
Z axis [ mm (inch) ] 200 (7.87)
Jarak antara ujung torch dengan meja 150 ~ 200
Motion Guide Module Y axis Linier Guide series
X axis Linier Guide series
Z axis Linier Bearing
Transmitions Y axis Rackgear dan pinion gear
X axis Rackgear dan pinion gear
Z axis Ballscrew
Table Work Area size [ mm (inch) ] 1300 (51.18)
Water Table System Yes
Max. Loading Capacity 500 kg – 800 kg
Feed Rate Rapid traverse rate (XYZ-area) [mm/min] 5000 – 8000
Cutting feed rate [mm/min ] 4000 – 5000
Torch Hight Controller Z axis range [ mm ] 100 – 150
Adjustable Z axis Yes
THC type ARC plasma voltage sensor
Manual Override Yes
Sensitivity Control Set by digital input
THC Drive Motor Digital motor control
Online THC Adjustable Yes
Material detection method Ohmic Sensor System
THC Set minimum Yes
THC Set maximum Yes
THC Speed Override Yes
DRO THC parameter Yes
Electric Motor Y axis Motor Stepper Motor NEMA34 6.1 Nm
X axis Motor Stepper Motor NEMA34 6.1 Nm
Z axis Motor Stepper Motor NEMA23 2.3 Nm
Machine Dimensions Height [mm (inch)] 1270 (50)
Long [mm (inch)] 3000 (118.11)
Wide [mm (inch)] 1500 (59)
Required floor space [mm (inch)] 6000 (236.2) * 3000 (118.11)
Weight (including control unit, machine cover) [kg] ± 500 Kg
CNC Controller Operating System Windows XP
Monitor Size 14 “
USB Hostport Yes
DRO axis motions Yes
Cutting Privew Yes
Machine Coordinate Yes
Manual Jog Yes
THC suport Yes
Automatic Calibrations Axis Yes
Safety System Softwere limit Suport Yes
Hardware limit Suport Yes
Emergency Button , start dan stop button Yes
Cable Carrier Dragchain Yes