Automatic Gearbox For Lorry

The automatic gear box for lorry on stand is a demonstration kit complete with lorry 5 or 6 gears transmission (used model) mounted on the stand, cut-away at strategic section for student to understand interior design of the transmission and identify the planetary gears.
The gearbox or transmission model with following technical specification :
• Gross input torque: 780 N.m
• Gross Input Power: 224 kw (300 hp)
• Drivetrain interface: Acceptable full-load engine governed speed in the range of 2,200 to 3,800 .rpm
• Acceptable engine idle speed range (with transmission in Drive) in the range of 500 to 820 rpm
• Maximum output shaft speed at 105 km/hr: 5,000 rpm
• Mechanical ratio (reference only, Used condition may vary from brand new model):
– 1st Gear 3.10:1
– 2nd Gear 1.81:1
– 3rd Gear 1.41:1
– 4th Gear 1.00:1
– 5th Gear 0.71:1
– Reverse 4.49:1
• Driver-to-Transmission Interface: Cabmounted shift selector
• Communication Protocol Enginel vehicle Systems Interface
• PTO drive gear ratio: 1.00 x turbine speed
• PTO drive gear: 64 tooth Frame Stand
• Frame stand is equip with rotating self-retention wheels.
• Material: steel with paint coated.
• Include Oil drip pan is to allow the engine oil collection during the engine disassembly works.
• Oil drip pan Able to fitted into and remove from frame stand.