• This trainer provides the instructor with a complete Electric Power Steering Trainer for group or whole-class demonstration.
• This is a steering system trainer. The device is designed based on the front axle assembly to holistically demonstrate structures and operation of the EPS system and front axle suspension system.
• The device applies to theoretical teaching and maintenance training of the EPS system
• A real and operable EPS system is used to illustrate the structure of the system.
• Color circuit and operating principle diagrams on the training platform can help trainees learn and analyze the operating principle of the system.
• The training platform is installed with a diagnosis socket connecting a dedicated or universal automobile decoder. The diagnosis socket reads and clears fault codes on the EPS system.
• The practical training platform’s base frame is made in steel and the surface is paintcoated. Self-retention wheels are installed to ensure that the platform is flexible, reliable and endurable.
• Comes with four lockable castor wheels for easy mobilisation.

i. Size: Approx. 1700mm x 1200mm x 1800mm (length x width x height)
ii. Input power: A.C. 220V ± 10% 50Hz
iii. Operating power supply: 12V DC
iv. Operating temperature: -40°C to + 50°C
Trainer System Includes:
i. Detection control panel with various detection terminals and principle diagram
ii. Power steering ECU
iii. Diagnosis socket – OBD II
iv. Ignition switch
v. Front axle suspension mechanism
vi. Steering wheel, steering column, electric power steering gear, and steering linkages
vii. Wheel
viii. Movable framework (with self-retention wheels)