Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer


•Simultaneous measuring CO, CO2, HC, O2

•LCD screen and keypad buttons for easier setting and operation.

•Selection of fuels: petro, LPG, Natural Gas, alcohol

•Selection of C3-C6 factor

•Automatic leakage test, blocking test and HC residue test of the sampling line

•Automatic zeroing and air purge before each measurement circle


•Small Size, light weight and most convenient for carry.


Gasboard-5020 is an analyzer for control of exhaust gases from gasoline, petrol, alcohol or LPG engines. It integrates non dispersive infrared (NDIR) detectors for the measuring CO, CO2, HC and electrochemical sensors (ECD) for O2. It is an Ideal option for professional vehicle emission gas testing shops.


Measurements CO2, CO, HC, O2 (4 GAS)
Technology NDIR for CO2, CO, HC; ECD for O2
Measuring Range : CO2                 CO                  HC                O2
0-20%           0-10%      0-9999ppm      0-25%
Resolution :            0.01%            0.01%              1ppm          0.01%
Error       rel.             ±4%               ±3%                 ±5%            ±3%
Abs.          ±0.4%           ±0.06%         ±12ppm        ±0.1%
Warm-up Time : 10 minutes
Display : LCD display
Response Time : TD+T90:10 seconds (NDIR) ; ECD :30 seconds
Power : 110V-220V±10% 50Hz ±1Hz
Operation Tem. : 0-40℃
Dimension : 260×180×360mm
Net weight : 6kg
Flow rate : 0.7-1.2L/min
Standard accessories : Sampling probe, Filter paper and filter elements, RS-232 cable, RS-232 cable and power cable