Main Features and Specifications

Measure luminous intensity, headlight elevation and optic axis deviation of headlights on automotives and motorcycles. Equipped with LCD screen for English menu display, standard RS232 communication port, simulated data output port, laser positioning and optional low-consumption batter . It is very suitable for measuring and adjusting headlight beam emitting positions on vehicle test lines, v1orkshops, 3S/4S shops.

Main Technical Parameters

Measuring Range :

Luminous intensity : 0-120,000cd
Optic axis deviation of high beam and low beam
Up – Down : U 1′ 30′-D 2′ 30′ (U 20cm/10m-D 40cm/10m)
Left – Right : L 2′ 30′-R 2′ 30′ (L 40cm/10m-R 40cm/10m)

Indication Error :

Luminous intensity of high beam : ±12%
Optic axis deviation of high beam : ±12′
Luminous intensity of low beam : ±15′
Central elevation of headlight : lcm