ATE-PEFT13 Power Electronics Fundamentals Trainer

To understand VI characterristic of power electronic device, single phase controlled rectifiers, DC to DC choppers and AC Motor speed control.


– self contained & easy to operate

– functional blocks indicated on board mimic

– breadboard provided for own circuit development

– DC power supplies

– AC power supplies

– full wave rectifierusing diodes and SCR

– and inverter using H-bridge mosfet

– Pulse generator withfrequency and duty cycle control (PWM)

– Single phase controlled rectifier firing circuit

– AC motor speed control

– Thyristor devices

– Variable load and circuit components : SCR assembly : 4SCRs TYN1225, 600v/2A Power devices : IGBT-G4BC205, MOSFET IRFZ44N, UJT-2N2646, DIACDB3, TRIAC-BT136, PUT-2N6027

Frequency rabge : 30Hz to 900Hz variable

Amplitude : 12V PWM control of G1, G2. G3. And G4

Duty cycle control of “Gate”

Signal is 0 to 100%

Include :

Power Electronic Converter Board