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ATE-QPSKMD12 QPSK Modulation And Demodulation Trainer

  • The QPSK Modula­tion & Demodulation trainer is one of the advance communication trainers has an on-board Generators (8 bit selectable sequence)at 1 Kb/s is used as a Test Data source. The Even and Odd bit stream is separated from the data at half bit rate.
  • The even & odd bit combination is codified to phase modulate a carrier (100 KHz) or select one of a quadri phase modulated carriers resulting in a composite signal called Quadri Phase Shift Keying Signal. At the receiver, the instantaneous Phase of the modulated signal with respect to carrier is detected using the phase detector.
  • The four output levels corresponding to the four phase (0,90,180,270) corresponding to the 4 bit pair combinations (00,01,10,11)are used to generate the Even & Odd bit streams from which the final data is regenerated. The trainer provides complete circuit diagram, all important test points etc.


Feature :

  • On Board Carrier Generator 100khz
  • Data Generator At 1kb/Sec
  • Phase Detector
  • Data Regenrator
  • Bit Pair Data Generator
  • Bit Pair Detector
  • QPSK Carrier Generator,Etc

Built In Power Supply +5v,-5v