• Integrated engine control system with Engine fuel rail and multipoint petrol injection system (MPI);
  • Monitoring operation of fuel supply system, injected fuel quantity, spray pattern quality, fuel pressure of the fuel pump.
  • Fuel pump is built – in a transparent tank which allows to see its operation;
  • Adjustable air flowrate simulator allows to demonstrate a work of mass – air flow meter and air temperature sensor;
  • Visible work process of spark plugs;
  • Easy access for high voltage measurements;
  • Manual adjustment of the engine crankshaft speed;
  • Possibility to change the air/fuel mixture by the oxygen sensor signal simulator;
  • Training board has a complete electric wiring diagram of multipoint petrol injection system (MPI);
  • Electric wiring diagram with built in banana plug jumpers for measurements and simulation of system fault codes;
  • Possibility to simulate more than 20 faults by disconnecting Banana plug jumpers;

Diagnostic and measurement (Oscilloscope/multimeter):

  • System’s parameters are measured by connecting to the banana connector,
  • Possibility to measure electrical signal parameters of each system component (such as sensor or actuator),
  • Possibility to measure high voltage circuit of the ignition system,


Control unit diagnosis:

  • Diagnosis through OBD 16 – pin diagnostic connector and Electronic control unit (ECU) identification;
  • Diagnostic and measurement:Reading/erasing fault codes,
  • Displaying the operating system parameters (live data),
  • Activating the actuators (Depends on the control unit),
  • Throttle valve adaptation and Control unit encoding/configuration;



  • The stand has a closed structure –internal wiring is not visible;
  • Power supply: 12V from the battery or power supply unit(battery and power supply unit are not included as standard accessories);
  • Dimensions approx.: H1820mm x L1360mm x W500mm;
  • Examination console for 10 hidden fault simulations;
  • Power :12 V Battery / 220/12 V Power supply unit;