• A complete functional engine with Engine Management System, Radiators, Electrical Fan, Alternator, and Starter Motor, 12V Automotive Battery, fuel tank, Air Cleaner, Exhaust Silencer and special custom panel meter.
  • Petrol Engine, 4 stroke 4 In-line, 1.5-liter, variable valve timing system, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system naturally aspirated come with piston, crankshaft, valve and all related component installed on engine stand.
  • Mounted on quick detachable (completely) rotary stand rotated in X-axis 360⁰ with ratio gearbox allows full rotation of mounted unit with just a turn of the crank and locks in position completely with gear ratio and handle accessories.
  • Lockable heavy duty high resistant caster wheels.
  • Finish engine stand with high quality Hammer Tone paint / Epoxy coated.
  • Instructions service and repair manual, electrical circuit diagrams and spare parts list.
  • Engine management system compatible/support with OBDII Diagnostic Tools/Scanner.



  • Used original engine, completely serviced and accurately tuned.
  • 12 or 16 Valve functioning system
  • SOHC or DOHC to operates the valves.
  • Used radiator with complete system full function.
  • Used fan radiator with completely system full function.
  • Used alternator with completely system full function.
  • Used starter with completely system full function.
  • 12V13P New Battery one (1) unit
  • Used fuel tank – special custom-made fuel tank (detachable) completes with float level gauge and fuel filter
  • Used Air cleaner
  • Used exhaust silencer
  • Special custom panel meter Used meters with all gauges and indicator function, ignition switch, fuse box and hand lever accelerator.
  • Plastic or Metal working tray with metal handle.