1. FUNCTION Internal Function Generator Block : Sign,Square, Triangle,
2. TRANSMITTER Optical Light Source Operation Block – 650nm : Visual LD Mult-mode – 1310nm / 1550 nm : FP-LD Single-mode
3. FPGA CONTROL (DIGITAL) Digital Control Block of Internal / External Input / Output Data
FPGA Device : ALTERA EP2C5Q208
SRAM : 256K x 16 15ns
4. RECEIVER Pin-PD Operation Block
650nm multi-mode Pin-PD
1310 / 1550nm Single-mode Pin-PD
5. SELECTED FUNCTIONS Selection Switch of Internal/ External Signal – , , , Ext. Analog
6. LCD Display Selection Switch of LCD Data
LD0 / LD1 Current, Monitor PD Power, Si / Ge Current, PD Power (Optical Power Meter )
7. TRANSMITTING Selection of Output Signal of CH 1 Transmitter Port (LD and Si / Ge Diode Input Signal)
8. RECEIVING Selection of Output Signal of CH 2 Receiver Port (PD and Si / Ge Diode Output Signal)
9. CONNECTOR SC / PC Type Dual Optical Connector
10. WDM Wavelength Division Multi-plexer
1310 / 1550nm
Connector Type : FC / PC-SC / PC, SC / PC-SC / PC
Type : SC-ST, SC-FC, FC-ST
12. OPERATION DIAL Frequency : Frequency Control Device Amplitude1 / 2 : Amplitude Control Device LD Bias1 / 2 : LD Bias Current Control Device

Design specifications Light Source FP-LD (1310, 1550nm)
– Singlemode wavelength
– MQW-FP Laser diode module
– Wavelength : 1310/1550nm
– Built in optical isolator
– Built in InGaAs monitor PIN photodiode – 10/125
– Optical output power : 10mW (max) FP-LD (650nm) -Multimode wavelength – 650nm wavelength (Visual LD)
– Light output power is more than – 6dBm
– Uncooled operation without TEC Optical Detector InGaAs PIN PD
– SM @ 1310/1550nm wavelength
– Operation @ 1000~1600nm
– Low dark current(0.1nA)
– Low capacitance
– High responsiveness (0.9 A/W) InGaAs PIN PD-MM @ 650nm wavelength
Digital Control FPGA : EP2C5Q208( ALTERA)
SRAM : 256K * 16 15ns
Low Speed ADC : 8ch 12bit 200Kbps ADC
High Speed ADC : 1ch 12bit 20Mbps ADC
Serial DAC : 8ch 12bit 1 DAC Signal Input

– Function generator Frequency range : 10Hz ~ 50KHz,
– Amplitude : 0V ~ 5Vpp
– Wave type : Sin, Triangle, Square, User Digital, User Analog

– 0V ~ 5Vpp Analog Digital port, MIC input Signal Output Terminal BNC
– Audio Jack Power Supply Input : 85~264Vac 50/60Hz
– Output : 5Vdc (3/0.3A), +12Vdc (0.7A), +3.3Vdc, +2.5Vdc

Optical devices provided Basic devices provided
– Visual Attenuator, Fixed Attenuator (5dB/10dB)
– WDM Set (MUX, DeMUX-1310/1550nm)
– Hybrid Adapter Set, Optical Coupler, Single Mode Fiber
– 650nm Visual LD PD, Multi mode Fiber, Multi mode Coupler
– Optical Apparatus set Etc, USB Dongle Main Screen of Program Software for observing a phenomenon occurred from the main board, and output characteristics are as follows.
– Optical power (dBm) display resulting from PD0 (1310nm) and PD1 (1550nm) through the Mini LCD window (the function of optical power meter)
– References of optical power meter
– Display of optical power value of monitor LD detected from Monitor PD
– Display of output data from light source (1310 / 1550nm)
– Display of PD0 and PD1 output waveforms (1310 / 1550nm)
– X-Y output of input-output waveform
– The FFT of each input/output waveform (the function of spectrum analyzer) Saving all measured data(Text/BMP)
– The measurement mode by section. It samples every section of output waveform, making a comparison and analysis of them.
– Data analysis in the form of becoming real-time processing by receiving and making a continuous arrangement .

Additional equipment :
PC must be provided