Transmission Line is the key learning concept for Electrical Engineers about aspects of the electrical transmission line. Digital display is provided for easy measurement of Voltage, Current, Power. These parameters help students to learn the characteristics of transmission line and calculations of the ABCD, H, Z parameters.

• 240 x 128 Graphical LCD Display
• RISC Microcontroller based design for measurement
• Simultaneous display of sending and receiving parameters
• Highly sensitive to change in reading for better controlling
• High Resolution ADC for accurate measurement
• Inbuilt Single Phase Variac to regulate supply
• Equipped with fixed R, L and C Load
• Facility to configure Short, Medium and Long Transmission Line using multiple value of R, L and C
• Designed by considering all the safety standards
• Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections

Technical Specifications
Mains Supply : 230V ±10%, 50Hz
Single Phase Variac
Input : 230V
Output : 0-270V
Current : 0-2A
Display Measurement
Voltage : >25V
Current : >0.2A
Active Power : >20W<2000W
Reactive Power : >20VAR<2000VAR
Apparent Power : >20VA <2000VA
Resistor : 700O/ 100W
Inductor : 800mH/ 0. 5A
Capacitor : 12.5μF/ 450V
Dimension (mm) : Approx W 830 x D 355 x H 630 mm
Weight : 52kg (approximate)