1. Built-in main system base unit with transformer, I/O control devices, analogue power devices and measurement tool to cater for all relevant experiments
2. Clearly labeled mimic block diagrams for each module
3. On board transformers with fuse protection
4. Built-in wide range of electrical power devices to ease circuit construction
5. Built-in test points for signal measurements
6. Overload protection
7. Robust and durable construction
Technical Specification:
1. DC Power Supply on Board:
– ± 5V at 100mA
– ± 12V at 150mA
– ± 15V at 50mA
– ± 35V at 50mA
– Fuse protection

2. AC Power Supply on Board:
– 18V – 0V – 18V at 50mA
– 15V – 0V – 15V at 50mA

3. Triggering Circuit on Board: 5 gate signal output
– Frequency range: 40Hz to 900Hz
– Variable Amplitude: 12V
– PWM control of G1, G2, G3 and G4
– Duty cycle control of Gate Signal is 0 to 100%

4. Single Phase Rectifier:
Firing angle control 0°-180° variables

5. Firing Circuit on Board: Four gate signal output with isolation

6. SCR Assembly: 4 SCRs 2P4M, 600V, 2AVoltage Regulator (+5VDC. -5VDC)

7. Power Devices: IGBT-G4BC20S, MOSFET-IRF540, UJT-2N2646, DIAC-DB3, TRIAC-BT136, PUT-2N6027

8. Circuit Components On Board:
– Capacitor 0.01uF, 0.047uF, 0.1uF, 0.33uF, 1uF/63V(4Nos.) 2.2uF/50V
– Diode 1N4007 (8Nos.)
– Zener Diode 9V (1Nos.)
– Inductors 10mH (1Nos.), 68mH (2Nos.)
– Load Resistance 120Ω, 270Ω, 1K, 2.2K, each 5W
– Resistance on Board (½ W) 22Ω/5W, 100Ω/2W, 220Ω/2W
– Resistance on Board(1/4W) 10K (3Nos.), 22K,33K,47K,
– Potentiometer 4.7K(2Nos.), 1M(1Nos.)
– Pulse Transformer on Board: 2 Nos. PT4502, 1:1 and one is PT4503 1:1:1
– Toggle Switch: SPST (1Nos.)

9. Breadboard on Board (2Nos).

10. Power Requirements: 220V ±10%, 50Hz

11. Power protection circuit

12. On/Off power switch with indicator

13. Portable robust hard plastic case form factor

14. Input Supply: 240VAC/50Hz

15. Overload protection with fuse

Experiment Coverage:
1. Characteristics of SCR and plot V-I characteristics.
2. Study of Gate control characteristics of SCR and its graph.
3. V-I characteristics of IGBT.
4. V-I characteristics of TRIAC.
5. Resistor-Capacitor Triggering Circuit (Half wave)
6. Resistor-Capacitor Triggering Circuit (Full wave)
7. Single Phase Half wave Controlled Rectifier with resistive and inductive load.
8. Single Phase Full wave Bridge Controlled Rectifier with resistive and inductive load.
9. Single Phase Full wave (mid-point configuration) Controlled Rectifier with resistive and inductive load.
10. DC Step Down Chopper (Buck Converter) – dc load voltage and current control using IGBT as switch.
11. DC Step Up Chopper (Boost Converter) – dc load voltage and current control using IGBT as switch.
12. Single phase square wave bridge voltage inverter.
13. Single phase PWM inverter using IGBT.
14. Single phase bidirectional AC voltage controller.

1. 2mm Banana Patch Cord With 2mm Socket At Rear For Connection Of Other 2mm Plug
– The set consist of 25 leads in 3 different coded colors and lengths chosen to allow the realization of all experiment.
– Red, 40cm/16” (10 units)
– Blue, 40cm/16” (10 units)
– Black, 40cm/16” (10 units)

2. Spare Fuse (2 unit)

3. Power cord (1 unit)

4. Experiment Manuals: 1 set
– Operation Manual (Hardcopy and Softcopy)
– All manuals are written in English
– Model Answer
– Teaching Manual