Wiper System Simulator

The practical training system is based on the real automobile wiper system and shows the working principle of automobile wiper system. It can be used for demonstration experiment, fault diagnosis and data measurement of automobile wiper system.

Functional features
1. A running automobile wiper system, fully demonstrating the composition and working process of the automobile wiper system.

2. The teaching board is integrated with wiper motor assembly, wiper connecting rod mechanism, cleaning pump motor, wiper relay, wiper control switch, etc.

3. The board is painted with spray-painted circuit diagram and installed with detection terminal, which can directly detect the electrical signals of wiper motor, wiper switch and wiper relay, such as resistance, voltage, current and frequency signals, etc.

4. The teaching board is equipped with a fault setting system, which can set one or more common faults to simulate the circuit fault of the wiper system, so as to achieve the purpose of examination