Wave and Antenna Training System

Wave and Antenna Training System

An experimental equipment to educate electromagnetic wave propagation in mobile communication and antenna characteristics include Radiation patterns, Standing wave, Fading (Phase delay and attenuation), Doppler frequency and Propagation loss. Each set of Wave and Antenna Training System should consist of main module to perform the experiment, all antenna require for the experiment and a software to produce output of the experiment.


The wave and antenna training system without extra measuring equipment should:

  1. Able to measure antenna characteristic
  2. Able to perform mobile communication experiment
  3. Able to simulate antenna propagation modeling & loss


Minimum mode for experiment:

  1. Radiation pattern test
  2. VSW test
  3. Phase-shift fading test
  4. Attenuation fading test
  5. Multi-part fading test
  6. Time delay fading test
  7. Doppler effect test


The trainer should come with below list of antenna for transmitting and receiving:

  1. Min of one set of Yagi antenna
  2. Min of one set Chip antenna
  3. Min of one set Dipole antenna
  4. Min of one set Monopole antenna
  5. Min of one set Half-wave length sleeve dipole antenna
  6. Min of one set Loop antenna
  7. Min of one set Rectangle antenna
  8. Min of one set Patch antenna
  9. Min of one set Inverted F antenna
  10. Min of one set Array patch antenna


The trainer should be equipped with motorised antenna stand with below specification:

  1. Auto calibration position
  2. 360 degree antenna control position with min 1 degree step for each movement or better.
  3. Automatic gain control with dynamic range
  4. Antenna stand for transmitter and receiver


Antenna specifications:

  1. GSM-900 frequency range (800 Mhz to 915 MHz).
  2. ISM bands at 2.45 GHz
  3. Output power: +4.5 dBm or better
  4. impedance: 50 ohm


The trainer should include a software for data collection and analysis with below specification:

  1. Compatible with Windows 7 and above.
  2. User interface with GUI.
  3. Lifetime use without any requirement to purchase a new license.
  4. All required software libraries used for all experiment must be provided



  1. RF Coxial Cable: 3 units or more
  2. RS-232C Cable: 2 units or more
  3. Tools for experiment setup such as wrench, antenna bracket and more.
  4. Carriage bag must be included
  5. All required cables must be provided