Diesel engine single cylinder generator with cylinder pressure sensor is a modification electric generator to be use in research purpose for combustion. This item come with variable load controller, combustion analysis system, data acquisition unit, laptop, tools set and digital fuel scale measurement.

Single Cylinder Diesel Engine generator with modification for pressure sensor and shaft encoder. Load can be adjust while it will come out with data of crank angle, combustion pressure, cylinder pressure, temperature and etc. All the parts of the engine testing come with proper assembly on a platform. This combustion testing set consist of:
a) Modified Diesel Generator
b) Variable AC Load Controller
c) Combustion Analysis System
d) Data Acquisition Unit
e) Laptop
f) Others accessories (All measurement probs, toolbox set, digital fuel scale measurement)

This device/ machine/ equipment/ tool must have the specification at least minimum as mentioned below:
a) Modified Diesel Generator
• Drill and tap head with M5x1.5 hole + threw hole 2-2.5mm ID into combustion chamber.
• Hole must be clearanced for Pressure Probe Insertion tool, and clean/flat mating surface.
• Bore must avoid any water jacket, oil galley, or other interference from mechanical parts.
• Shaft Encoder is a 720-1440 Pulse Per Rev precision optical encoder mounted to crank shaft giving accurate engine crank shaft position signal.

b) Variable AC Load Controller
• Variable AC Power Load Controller is a Voltage
• Clipping 20A 240V AC power control module adjusting the Power output from ~0% load to ~100% load with a simple 0-5V DC control signal.
• In your implementation we will likely include it with a manual control knob, allowing you to adjust the load on the generator from 0 to 100% power quickly and easily.

c) Combustion Analysis System
• MAINS POWER: Voltage: 240VAC Frequency: 50/60Hz, Current Draw: 1A max
• PRESSURE TRANSDUCER Pressure: 0 to 400 bar, Signal: 0 to 4.5V DC
• ENCODER Pulse per revolution: 360
• DATA ACQUISITION UNIT Sampling rate: 200,000 sample per second
• ENVIRONMENTAL Temp: 10 to 40°C Operational, 0 to 50°C Non Operational Humidity:5 to 90% Non-condensing Shock/Vibe:<10g

• 16 channels total
• 10Hz, 10 Bit logging
• 2 Speed channels
• 2 Thermocouple inputs
• Load cell input (4-wire)
• 2 Thermistor Input Channels
• Simple Serial Port setup
• 12V DC, 13 x 11 x 3.5 cm
• Max and Min peak averaging input channels
• Come with computer software for Graphic Display

e) Laptop
• Processor: Min Intel Processor i5 (4 Core)
• RAM: Min 8G DDR4 Storage: Min 512GB SSD
• Display: 15.6″ diagonal, FHD
• Window and Microsoft Office ready

f) Others accessories
• Come with probes for measure temperature, cylinder pressure, combustion pressure, crank angle
• Tools set (Wrench set, pliers, screw drivers, socket box n etc)
• DIGITAL FUEL SCALE for measuring fuel consumption (This digital gravimetric fuel scale weights fuel as it is consumed by the engine under test. The data is fed to the computer via a serial communications link, allowing seamless integration with Data Acquisition Unit systems)