1. Chassis – original chassis and body parts vehicle with all original subsystem. Open structure with
seat reinforced with rollcage. The vehicle should be able to be driven safely (4 wheel on ground).
ii. Complete subsystem and functional:
a) Brake system
b) Suspension system
c) Steering system
d) CAN bus system
e) Fuel system
f) Electric and electronic system
g) Complete dashboard panel including meter indicator (English version)
h) Complete Suspension system
Front – Double wishbones with coil springs
Rear – Leaf spring with double tune shock absorbers
i) OBD socket for diagnose and troubleshoot
j) Complete Brake System with standard ABS System
k) Complete with fuel tank and 12V battery
I) New 4 tyre with wheel size: P205/70R16
m) Tools:
• Compact Impact Wrench include box/casing – 1 set
Up to 881Nm Breakaway Torque
Up to 745Nm Fastening Torque
Only 2.3kg w/ a 5.0Ah Battery
More Compact for Increased Access & Control – Only 152mm in length
Speed to remove an M22 bolt in 1.8 seconds
New Tri-LEDs delivers high definition lighting
4-Mode Drive Control – 4 Speed Settings Offers More Control
Includes Auto Shut-off Mode; Prevents Over-tightening
Includes Bolt Removal Mode; Offers more control after bolt breakaway
• 17 Pieces 1/2″ impact wrench socket set include box/casing
• 23 Pieces l/2″Sq. Drive Metric Deep Impact Wrench Socket Set include box/casing
• 42 Pieces 8mm Hex Shank Bits Set include box/casing
• 12 Pieces Extra Long Ball Point Hex Key Set inch Allen key include box/casing
14pcs metric & sae hex bit socket set include box/casing
• 19pcs 1/2″ DR. Torx Bit Socket & E-Torx Socket Set, socket and star wrench set include
• 339Nm torque 1/2″ Compact Impact Wrench/Tool set include box/casing
• 121 Pieces 1/4″dr + 3/8″dr + 1/2″dr socket set include box/casing
• 8 Pieces Impact Adapter box socket adaptor big to small to big include box/casing
• Serpentine Belt Tool – Spcs Socket ( Belt Pulley)
• Ball Swivel Socket Sliding T-Handle 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm
• 9 Pieces Hose Clamp Pliers Set Flexible Wire Long Reach Fuel Oil Water Hose Tools include
• Integral Hydraulic 3 Jaw Puller 5 Tons ST Industrial Grade Integral Type Extractor Gear
• p) 28 Pieces Master Press and Puller Sleeve Kit Bearings Bushes Seals Removal Tool car
repair tool include box/casing
• 14 Pieces Tool Set Diesel Injector Extractor Puller / Slide Hammer Removal Tool Kit include
• 5 Pieces Ball Joint Separator Set include box/casing
• Pneumatic gear oil refueling pump oiler machine car gearbox transmission
• 15L Pneumatic & Manual Vacuum Oil Fluid Extractor Pump heavy duty

Technical Data
• Engine code: 2KD-FTV, 4 in-line
• Capacity : 2494 cc, 16 valve DOCH
• Year: 2004 and above
• Fuel: Fuel injection system, Direct Injection, Common Rail.
• Fuel Type: 48 cetane diesel
• Max power: 142 bhp@ 3400 rpm
• Max Torque: 343Nm@ 2800 rpm.
• Transmission: 4speed Automatic Transmission
• Millage: 250,000 km and above